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We all know that Akron-Cleveland Road has never come close to realizing its potential. More problems than progress, but why?

An answer may be absence of available sewer and water.

Good news may finally be here.

Boston Township is a founding member of a JEDD, our Joint Economic Development District and Cuyahoga Falls are our partner. Bill Clifton, Boston Township trustee, is president of the JEDD.

As a result of efforts by our JEDD, it is now finally possible that sewer and water may soon be a reality.

The engineering plans for the project are now complete, and assessment costs have been determined

What remains now, is for the owners who will benefit from these improvements agree to pay assessments which will, over a period of twenty years, pay for at least a part of the cost of the improvements.

Ric Haury, owner of Suncrest Gardens, and also a member of the JEDD board, has formed an ad hoc committee that is trying to generate support of enough other property owners in that area who will benefit from these improvements.

The committee will soon be sending out brochures to these owners. The brochures will outline what will be involved, from the standpoint of their financial commitments. Support by a substantial number of owners will get these necessary improvements off the drawing board, and on to their properties.

Once these improvements have been installed, owners will be able to shut down their septic systems and wells.

Septic systems and wells are not only unreliable, but costly to operate, and extremely expensive to replace.

They also turn off potential home buyers, as well as businesses who might be interested in locating in that area.

The blossoming of our Akron -Cleveland Road corridor will benefit those who own properties in that area, but also contribute to our sadly depleted tax base. This should benefit all property owners in our township.

Marty and Marilyn Griffith