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It`s been a year since our mayor asked people to "get involved` in regards to solving our issue with the EPA. Our group, with the help of many voices, has made slow and steady progress getting answers to some of the questions posed by residents.

We will be posting details of our most recent communications from our County Executive`s office which confirms two very noteworthy pieces of information: 1) The county is offering financial assistance for the creation of a Master Plan for the village in collaboration with neighboring organizations. 2) The letter also validated ARPA funds can be used for options besides a centralized sewer. We are awaiting clarification on a couple of the open action items from our February meeting as we feel the final information is vital for our village to make an informed decision on centralized sewer. You can also see on our blog the concerning responses from council on recent questions and their lack of interest in creating a balanced committee to assist with the wastewater efforts. We feel a structure more inclusive to residents and other voices on council will result in an outcome that reflects the needs of our community. Today we have one council member stewarding all information and very little information and/or discussion in public forums. It doesn`t seem appropriate for a topic that will forever change our village.

If you are concerned about the things you are learning (or not learning), we urge you to take action and communicate with our council. Attend public meetings, reach out to your council members directly (email), and participate in community events.

Share your opinions and ideas on issues that are important to you, and be willing to listen to the perspectives of others. Our intention is constructive dialogue and openness, because together we can achieve more positive outcomes. This will be vitally important as the village develops a Master Plan to guide the evolution of our community. Community input is essential to ensuring that the Master Plan reflects the values, aspirations, and needs of the community, let`s get in the habit now. Again, to find our blog – search Positively Peninsula blogspot. You can also email to share your views.

Amy Frank-Hensley
440 552-3944