Our flag does not
fly because the
wind moves it.
It flies with the
last breath of
each soldier who
died protecting it.

May 2023 VOLUME 40 NUMBER 5

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The Memorial Day parade is scheduled for May 29, 2023.

Each year we mention veterans living in our community. If you are a veteran and would like to participate, please call Jerry Ritch and give him your name, branch of service, and war in which you may have served. 330-657-2015.

On May 29 at 9:00AM in the Township`s service garage Valley Fire will be providing doughnuts and coffee.

There will be a brief service at the Memorial Grove at the Peninsula Library at 10:00AM. This service commemorates the service of former staff, board members, and friends of the Peninsula Library who have passed away.

We expect the band to arrive around 11:00AM. From here the parade goes up to Cedar Grove Cemetery for a short service.

We have made some changes this year. For the Boston part of the parade our new start location will be on Riverview Road at the south end of Boston Mills Ski Area. We are using the two driveways at the south end of their parking lot. There will be hot dogs, water, lemonade, and bakery for all. After a brief rest the parade will continue down Riverview Road to Boston Mills and then to Main Street ending at the Boston Cemetery for another brief service.