War may sometimes be a
necessary evil. But no
matter how necessary, it
is always an evil, never a
good. We will not learn
how to live together in
peace by killing each
other's children.

Jimmy Carter
September 2021 VOLUME 38 NUMBER 9

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Boston Township Trustees added Track and Field to seven of their Welcome to Boston Township Woodridge Bulldogs State Champs signs. Boys Track and Field finished in first place in Division II on June 5, 2021. This is the first Track and Field state championship for Woodridge High School.

From left: Oliver Mayer, Robbie Champa, Sam Su, Seth Singer, Aaron Dutt, Angelo Regec, Ryan Champa, Kyle Carey (back) and Cooper DeFrange (sitting).

Coaches to the right of the sign: standing Scott Mercer and Aaron Mayer with Jeff Howard sitting.