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It has been a little over two years since Mary Booth lost her battle to leukemia. We are fortunate in our little community to have so many that devote their time to public service, or volunteer for our many non-profits, or simply give by caring for their neighbors or others in need. But sometimes, a special person stands out. Mary Johnston Booth was one of those people.

Mary always seemed to be buzzing around town either planning, organizing, or helping with a fundraiser, event, festival, or Village project. She had the enthusiasm, and the smile, and sometimes the blue hair that drew you in and convinced you to participate, help out, or just attend. "Community" really meant something to Mary, more than just where you happen to live. For her it meant being involved, and helping out whenever and wherever she could. She was a doer, for all of us.

Since her death, there has been a plan for a memorial to recognize Mary and her endless energy for giving to others. With the support of Mary`s family and closest friends, the Mary Johnston Booth Memorial Bench and plaque are now in place, a very suitable place. As a member of the Peninsula Home and Garden Club, Mary took it upon herself to rescue a small area at the north west end of the bridge that was overgrown with weeds and poison ivy. She cleared it out and planted it with ivy, myrtle, and hostas. When the Garden Club added flowers to the bridge boxes each spring, Mary was adding more flowers to that small area. Often zinnias, her favorite!

So, take a walk into downtown. Stop and sit a while on the Wildflower bench, remembering Mary, and her love for "the beauty of flowers and the joy of Community."

** We are still accepting donations to the Mary Booth Memorial to support the planned flower garden that will be located across from the bench. Please contact Dee at 216-346-8753 or for information on how to make a contribution.



The Family and Friends of Mary