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In 2022, the Village Council established a Community Organization Recognition Award to recognize an outstanding organization for its service to the village and community. The first local organization honored to receive this award was the Peninsula Home and Garden Club. The award was presented by Mayor Schneider to the garden club on Monday, March 14, at the village council meeting.

When I was told that the club was to receive this recognition, I thought it appropriate that the award be accepted by our longest serving active member. After some lengthy research, we found that Marilyn Hansen, our treasurer, had joined garden club in 1970. Sadly, Marilyn passed away just one week before the council meeting. We accepted the award in honor of Marilyn and her fifty-three years of service to the community through the garden club.

I am frequently in awe of the amazing projects our members orchestrate season to season. We raise our own funds, come up with our own plan, gather up our volunteers, buy our supplies, and get the job done. And always with lots of laughs, smiles, and cooperation. And we still have time to simply enjoy each other`s company during our monthly gatherings. There are so many ways to be in service to your community. Garden club is just one. Congratulations to the Peninsula Home and Garden Club celebrating their 87th year of service to our community.

Dee Holody