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There are variables and fixed constants in many aspects of our lives. The chance of rain happening tomorrow is just that …a chance. But the likelihood of the sun rising in the morning is a fairly safe bet. Now consider our Safety Force officers. Our attitude toward them might vary depending on whether they`re pulling over our vehicle because we violated the speed limit or whether they`re pulling over to our vehicle because it`s on fire and they`re about to extract us to safety. Our attitudes are variable. But their actions are constant. They are our First Responders. They are dedicated to upholding the law, protecting the safety of our community, the safety of our homes and businesses and the safety of our residents. We benefit from their selfless courage and loyalty and depend on them to be a constant in our lives. We recently witnessed their faithful watch over our home while we were out of town. Whether it was the evening dusk or the 2:00AM shift, there was often a cruiser in our driveway and an officer circling the perimeter of our house to check for any disturbances. We slept well while they kept watch. So, thank you to our Peninsula Safety Force officers for your constant dedication to duty. May our gratitude always be a constant appreciation for all that you do.

Dan and Joanne Palicka