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Village Council met in person for the Regular Council Session and a Joint Meeting with Boston Township Trustees May 10, 2022.

The Village Council and Board of Township Trustees met to authorize the continuance of the one mil cemetery maintenance tax for the Village of Peninsula and Boston Township Union Cemetery Association, Resolution No. 11-2022.

Council passed the April 11, 2022, Regular Council Meeting Minutes.

Council did not pass Ordinance No. 08-2022 an ordinance establishing Section 505.15 of the Village`s Codified Ordinances relating to chickens. Planning will further review Ordinance No. 08-2022 for changes.

Council did not pass Ordinance No. 09-2022 an ordinance establishing Chapter 1351 of the Village`s Codified Ordinances relating to property maintenance requirements. Planning will further review Ordinance No. 09-2022 for changes.

Council suspended the three-reading rule and passed Resolution No. 12-2022 a resolution amending the employee position list/wage scale.

Summit County Public Health now mandates properties served by a sewage treatment system and/or private water system are now subject to a Building and Zoning Evaluation Application through their department. You must have SCPH approval before applying for Village permits. For more information, please visit or call 330-926-5600.

If you are utilizing your property for short-term rentals, please remit a completed Short-Term Rental Certificate Application to the Village. All Short-Term Rental related forms can be found on the Village website under the ZONING tab.

Reminder to our residents, it is illegal to discard any debris, including, but not limited to, grass clippings, snow, leaves, litter or any unsightly or unsanitary material into the roadway to maintain public health and safety. It is your responsibility to keep your sidewalks, ditches, and driveway culverts clear.

Brush pickup will continue until the first Monday of October. If Monday is a holiday, it will be picked up on Tuesday. Brush only, cut ends to the road. No root balls or vines. This is for storm damage and minor property cleanup. NOT for major tree removal or clearing of property. There will be NO leaf pick-up until November.

If you are planning to remodel your home, new roof, install a fence or retaining wall you will need a building permit. Please call 330-657-2151 for more information.

The Mayor encourages all residents to stay informed on the positive progress that is being made on water and sewers to the Village.

Upcoming Meetings:
ATTENTION: NEW DAY OF THE MONTH! Council Meeting Tuesday, June 14, 2022, at 7:00PM in the Village Hall

Contact Phone Numbers:
Administrative Office 330-657-2151
Non-Emergency Police & Fire 330-657-2911

Check the Website:

Nancy Holdsworth, Administrative Assistant