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Elaine Lee (1953-2022)

Much of the world has been talking about the end of an era with the passing of the Queen of England. Boston Township recently experienced the end of an era which has received much less attention. When Elaine Lee from Oak Hill Road passed away on July 1, she was the last from the Lee family still residing on Oak Hill. The Oak Hill name does not apply only to the road, but also to the entire section of Boston Township along Major, Oak Hill and Scobie roads and was once the location of large farms dating back to the original settlers. The Lee family arrived on Oak Hill in 1842. Of the very early families with the last names of Viall, Welton/Hunt, Scobie/Lindley, Ozmun/Bell, Gilson/Lee, Mackey and Vowels, Elaine Lee was also the last member of all those families who was still living on Oak Hill.

Randy Bergdorf, Boston Township Trustee