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To the Editors:

My husband and I moved to Peninsula just over three years ago because we love being able to walk from our house to both the towpath and the Boston Run trail for daily hikes. I am very concerned about the town`s plan to build a sewage treatment plant at the end of Locust Street where it will sit on the road that leads to a most beautiful, natural trail. For many reasons this doesn`t seem like a good location. Will hikers want to go to that trail? Will we be able to? Just as alarming is the pump station planned for the bottom of Canal Street. Again, this is a path we, and many other townspeople and visitors, use every day.

Will it be loud? Smelly? Hidden? How intrusive will a pump station be to the natural experience of being in the park? How will the waste material be piped across the river?

I think that the village council isn`t concerned with the citizens questions. I think they will say that the decisions are made. When will they tell us how much this will cost each homeowner? We will be paying to have our septic tanks removed as well as monthly sewer charges, which are ever increasing in Summit County.

When we moved here, we bought a house that we could afford, knowing that we would need to add in septic maintenance. Now it seems that our fundamental experience of the park will be changed, and we will be paying more money for a change that we don`t necessarily want.

I know we need to do something to prevent contamination of the river, but I want to know if other options are available for different locations of sewage treatment or pump stations. I also would like the village to consider improved septic and hybrid systems.

Elizabeth Biddick