Most of the trouble
in the world is
caused by people
wanting to be

T.S. Eliot
April 2024 VOLUME 41 NUMBER 4

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We can`t remember the last time there was so much planning throughout the community than we had with the solar eclipse. With the beautiful weather, the Sunday prior was a traffic nightmare in Boston. Monday couldn`t have been better and there are so many to thank.

Police Chief, Jay Nagy had many officers out patrolling our roads. Thanks to Chief Nagy, officers Denis Pongracz, Carol Rucker, Michael Skrypek, Daren Beichler, Eddie Westfall, Marc Bazdar, Theodore Troyer, and reserve officers Robert McCombs and Robert Murphy. Fire Chief Charlie Riedel had both stations staffed. Our thanks to Chief Riedel, Captain Mike Packard, Vince Roman, Jennifer Lanza, Brian Leising, Brian Loftus, Joe McVey, Claire Schramm, Richard Smith, Nick Sternad, Tony Yash, and Alex Zajac for working extra hours. Both road crews, Dave Krusinski and Jon Farmer in Boston and Mike Andexler and Tyler from Peninsula did their best to keep traffic off all of our smaller roads. CVNP Chief Ranger, Bruce Gagnon, had extra rangers patrolling and the Trailblazers kept everyone in the parking lots under control. Thank you to County Engineer Al Brubaker for the four-way stop at Riverview and Boston Mills.

While we expected total chaos, everything was under control with very few issues. All of these departments worked together planning for anything that could possibly go wrong.

Our thanks to all of you for a job well done.

Trustees Amy Anderson, Randy Bergdorf, and Bill Clifton