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There is still time to get the special postal cancellation commemorating the solar eclipse. If you are interested contact Ed Andros at Ed will be at the Peninsula Post Office Saturday mornings until May 8.

Below is a copy of what Ed put in the March issue of YCN :

Our local post office will be the only postal facility equipped with the unique cancellation design created by former Peninsula resident and chairperson of Akron University`s Art Department. It can be applied to mail originating from here under the following conditions:
(1) The piece must have the proper postage by weight and destination. For example: $0.68 for a one-ounce domestic letter or $0.53 for a postcard.
(2) Do not put the item in the outdoor box or inside receptacles but request counter service.
(3) Tell the clerk whether they should place the item in their non-machinable tray for further processing/delivery or ask for the item to be returned to you at the counter. Such items as leave with you cannot be put into the mail afterwards because the stamp(s) will have already been cancelled and therefore no longer valid.
(4) Clerks are forbidden to apply this dated cancellation stamp before April 8 but can do so afterwards until the device is destroyed per regulation.
(5) Items (together with an addressed/stamped return envelope) may be mailed to:
1921 Bronson St.
Peninsula, OH 44264

Ed Andros