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To the Editors:

This is a loose approximation of our neighboring communities` populations: Richfield 4,000, Bath 10,000, Hudson, 23,000, and Stow 35,000. Peninsula has far less than 600 residents. To compare our Airbnb problems to theirs is ridiculous. Stow would have to have 1,200 Airbnb`s to even get close to our ratio. I live two short blocks from town hall. I pass nine or ten Airbnb`s on my way there. This is of course a guess, since as a resident I have no access from the village, any actual information about our Airbnb`s. Not how many, where are they, or even if we are making any money from them.

So called minor infractions can be red flags for larger ones. If you drive 11 or 50 miles over the speed limit, you are still speeding and will be fined. The same should go for breaking the rules for running an Airbnb, and no, if you say, well, maybe I won`t speed or break the rules next month or next year, should not fly.

As for short-term rentals being better kept up than long term, have you seen Bronson house? Way too many cars parked willy-nilly, both the barn and the house being rented out, separately. As of April 8, Christmas decorations still up and falling apart, but I`ve heard they finally have taken those down. Overgrown weeds everywhere and abandoned landscape fabric all over the place. This home is our history. It is a disgrace to allow this kind of disrespect to our village.

The planning commission can work as hard as they want to address the many problems we have, but until the council and mayor enforce and abide by the regulations we have, …why bother.

Maureen `Mo` Duffey-Riggins