The weak can
never forgive.
is the
attribute of
the strong.

September 2007 VOLUME 24 NUMBER 9

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Despite the current woeful village fiscal status, which prompted Council to vote to defer the elected officials quarterly payment until funds are available, the hot topic for the evening was the Halloween Party. Nina Alvis reported to council that the community wants the party. I’d like to remind residents that the Halloween Party is NOT a village function, and is entirely funded by donations directly to the party organizers.

Yolanda Walker from Summit Akron Solid Waste Management gave a presentation of what their organization is currently doing and asked Council to pass a resolution approving their updated plan, which they did. SASWMA provides recycling opportunities for the businesses in the area. Many of the businesses locally, including the Village Hall, participate in the free paper recycling program, the Village supports the annual telephone book recycling with a bin at the Village Hall and the Village receives an annual grant of $1 for every resident to support recycling.

Council voted to renew the discussions with John Debo regarding the Players Barn.

Chief McCue reported that he still only has two cars running currently. He asked Council to address the Parades and Assemblages ordinance, as there are more and more problems with clubs bringing running and cycling races into the village.

Roger Robinson reported he has several grant proposals for the National Park cooperative program, which will be submitted.

The order for the fence on Rt. 303 was issued and should be in place by Halloween.

Council will be going to mandatory Public Records training in October, which is provided free of charge by the Summit County Executive Office.

A finance committee consisting of Jay Pedone, Doug Anderson and Bob Hunker was formed to go over the budget and look at cutting costs.

The proposed zoning ordinance changes had the third reading. No further action was taken.

Heated discussion concerning changing the R1 minimum lot requirements ended because it was determined Council cannot act without Planning Commission’s determination.

Council’s last action of the evening was to vote to leave the Trick or Treat hours at 6 to 7 pm on October 31st.

  • Planning Commission – October 3, 2007 - 7:00PM
  • Council Meeting – October 8, 2007 - 7:00PM
  • Board of Zoning Appeals – October 11, 2007 - 7:00PM
Village Hall hours are 8:00AM to 4:30PM daily except holidays and weekends.
330-657-2151 – Mayor and administration
330-657-2714 – Clerk Treasurer and Zoning Inspector
330-657-2089 – Service Department
330-657-2995 – Police Department
330-657-2911 – Non-Emergency Police and Fire Dispatch

Pam Burda, Clerk-Treasurer