October 2020 VOLUME 37 NUMBER 10

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At the October 19, 2020 board meeting the new fire engine was dedicated to the first board members of Valley Fire District. Formed on May 1, 1976, with George Fisher, Jr. representing Boston Township, Norm Rodatt, representing Peninsula, and Tom Morehouse, the at large member agreeing to serve as the first governing board.

Along with current board members, former member, Dan Schneider, Jr., and Evelyn Kaczmarski, the first clerk for the district, were in attendance. Also, former fiscal officer, Pam Schneider, and current fiscal officer, Catherine Anson, were in attendance.

Dave and Tom Morehouse representing their father, Tom; George Fisher, Jr. founding board member; and Adam Rodatt representing his father Norm.

Township trustees Randy Bergdorf and Amy Anderson presented Ed Pullekins, former attorney for the township, with gifts of thanks for his representing the township for over 38 years. Ed also represented the fire district during this period. As Randy stated at the presentation, you have two families, the one you are born into and the one you choose. Ed and his wife, Mary, quickly became family to our community. A more formal reception for Ed has been placed on hold due to the COVID virus. Former trustees, Jerry Ritch and Dan Schneider, Jr., former clerk, Gene Kaczmarski, and former fiscal officer, Catherine Anson, were in attendance.

Mary and Ed Pulle
Mary and Ed Pulleki

The offices for the fire department are in what is affectionately known as "The Benedict House." A plaque recognizing the dedication of Anne and Reverend Eugene Benedict to the community was placed on the side of the house.

Mrs. Benedict was a teacher at several of the Boston Schools. Reverend Benedict served at the Peninsula United Methodist Church and taught at the University of Akron.

Walter Beavin and Mark Benedict
Representing the Benedict family: Walter Beavin and Mark Benedict.