The Township minutes are posted on our website at www.bostontownship.org and outside the fiscal office at the Boston Township Hall. Meetings are covered by the West Side Leader. Trustee meetings are the second and fourth Wednesday of the month. Zoning commission meets the second Tuesday of the month and the Board of Zoning Appeals meets the fourth Tuesday of the month.

Road Department: Already underway and lasting through December 10, the road department will be vacuuming up leaves as they continue to fall. Leaves should be piled off the road pavement and should not include branches or other debris. Brush chipping has ended for now but will start again in May.

Zoning Updates: The Zoning Inspector has received an application from the Legacy Remodeling Team to locate remodeling company offices and a model home at 5062 Akron-Cleveland Road. Also, an application has been received from Senuta Property, LLC to install two double-sided billboards visible to Route 8 on Parcel #07-00108. (This property is located just east of the northeast corner of Akron-Cleveland and Barlow Roads). Both of these applications will proceed through the prescribed process as outlined in the Boston Township Zoning Ordinance.

Seasons Road Business District: Work is continuing to secure water and sewer for the Seasons Road Business District located at the southern end of Akron-Cleveland Rd. in Boston Township. This area will be adjacent to the developments now underway further east along Seasons Rd.

Buildings and Grounds: Work will be continuing on the exterior of the wood building throughout the winter as repairs are made to the siding. The building will be painted in 2022. The lower parking lot has been chipped and sealed and the lower lot and most of the upper lot have been restriped.

Electricity Updates: Due to recent changes regarding NOPEC, the trustees are exploring the options for securing NOPEC prices for electricity for township residents similar to options for gas suppliers. Also, the trustees received word through our representative from First Energy that there are programs in place for those who may be experiencing difficulty managing their electric payments. Customers can call (800) 633-4766 or consult www.firstenergycorp.com/billassist .

WEBSITE: Visit our Website at www.bostontownship.org to find up–to–date Township information. Contact numbers for the trustees: Amy Anderson: 330–657–2439, Randy Bergdorf: 330–655–5698, and Bill Clifton: 330–657–4032. Fiscal Officer: Pam Schneider at 330–657–2059; Road Department: Dave Krusinski at 330–657–2600; and Zoning Inspector: John Schneider at 330–657–2601 or 234–900–9145.


Village Council met in person for the Regular Council Session November 8, 2021.

Council passed the October 11, 2021, Regular Council Meeting Minutes.

Council passed Resolution No. 15-2021 A resolution expressing the Village of Peninsula Mayor and Council`s displeasure with the Conservancy for the Cuyahoga Valley National Park and Cuyahoga Valley National Park`s Collective Efforts to acquire, own, and control the entirety of the former Brandywine Golf Course Property.

Moving to second reading next Council session will be Resolution No. 20-2021 A resolution requesting the Summit County Fiscal Officer, in the year 2022, to advance to the Village monies to which the Village is entitled from the proceeds of tax levies for the tax year 2021.

Council suspended the three-reading rule and passed Ordinance No. 21-2021 An ordinance establishing section 139.105 of the Village`s administrative code relating to the Police Reserve Unit.

Mayor Schneider states Summit County Public Health now mandates properties served by a sewage treatment system and/or private water system are now subject to a Building and Zoning Evaluation Application through their department. You must have SCPH approval before applying for Village permits. For more information, please visit www.scph.org or call 330-926-5600.

The mayor would like to remind everyone if you are utilizing your property for short-term rentals, please remit a completed Short-Term Rental Certificate Application to the Village. All Short-Term Rental related forms can be found on the Village website under the ZONING tab. Mayor Schneider reminds everyone brush pickup is over for the season. Next pick-up will be the first week of May.

Leaf pick-up is October – December 10, 2021. Please do not place your leaves on the road. Place your leaves near the roadside allowing room for our machinery to operate safely. Keep leaves away from signs, posts, and out of the ditches. Please do not place any sticks, twigs, brush, garden trash or vines out either. Leaves will not be picked up if these guidelines are not followed.

Reminder to our residents, that it is your responsibility to keep your sidewalks, ditches, and driveway culverts clear.

Upcoming Meetings:
Planning Commission November 22, 2021, at 7:00PM in the Village Hall
Council Meeting December 13, 2021, at 7:00PM in the Village Hall

Contact Phone Numbers:
Administrative Office 330-657-2151
Non-Emergency Police & Fire 330-657-2911

Check the Website: www.villageofpeninsula-oh.gov

Nancy Holdsworth, Administrative Assistant


Once again, the Township Trustees will be sponsoring the Share-A-Christmas program. Donation boxes will be located at Terry Lumber and the Peninsula Library.

Delivery date will be December 18. If you know anyone that needs assistance, please contact Amy at 330-687-9498.


We wish you a bountiful Thanksgiving and a Blessed Christmas Season!

Christmas Eve Service will be taking place on Friday, December 24 at 7:00PM. The Zoom meeting ID is 734 940 8017 and the password is Pumc1575. All are welcome!

Please join us for Sunday Worship Services at 10:00AM, currently taking place via Zoom.

Check our website (PeninsulaUMC.org/upcoming-events/) for updates and the most recent information.


Proud parents, Dale and Julie Brooks would like to announce the marriage of their daughter, Heather to Russell Dennis on September 25, 2021 at Seneca Lake, Ohio where they reside. They went to Aruba on their honeymoon.


I have been visiting my son, Matt, every Thanksgiving for about the past eight to ten years. It started when he didn`t have enough vacation time to come home for both Thanksgiving and Christmas and we really wanted him home for Christmas. So, I figured I would visit with him and his two roommates, all of whom were very welcoming to me. I recall last year when it was more challenging to travel than I can ever remember. So, I started to do what I thought should be my due diligence and started to check all of the details of the different Governor`s orders for the various states I would be in or passing through while driving (I always drove.) So Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York all had similar, but different restrictions. After about fifteen to twenty minutes of looking over the differences I realized that I didn`t think there was any way I could ever fulfill all of the restrictions in all of those states. It was at that point I asked the most important question that I had missed in the beginning which is: "Am I going to visit my son or stay home?" I decided I was going to visit Matt and if I got into trouble because I didn`t follow whatever rules are in place, so be it. As it turned out we had a blast. It will be the same this year.

So, I am passing on a reminder that the most important thing about living is to make the decision to keep connected with those we care about. I realize this can be difficult with regard to our various opinions (wasn`t it always like that?), but if we can keep coming back to the most important thing of connecting with each other, those differences can be overlooked for a time. I also try to keep in mind the sobering realization that we all have an expiration date and we don`t know when that time will be. So, we need to enjoy connecting with others while we still can. Don`t miss out! Some words to a song came to mind while I was thinking about this and they said it better than I could, so here are several verses from "How You Live (Turn Up the Music)".

Wake up to the sunlight with your windows open
Don`t hold in your anger or leave things unspoken
Wear your red dress, use your good dishes
Make a big mess and make lots of wishes

So, go to the ballgames and go to the ballet
And go see your folks more than just on the holidays
Kiss all your children, dance with your wife
Tell your husband you love him every night

So, give to the needy and pray for the grieving
Even when you don`t think that you can
`Cause all that you do is bound to come back to you
So, think of your fellow man

And have what you want
But want what you have
And don`t spend your life looking back

And make peace with God
And make peace with yourself, oh yeah
`Cause in the end there`s nobody else

Turn up the music, turn it up loud
Take a few chances and let it all out
`Cause you won`t regret it

Looking back from where you have been
`Cause it`s not who you knew
And it`s not what you did, it`s how you live

Remember, it`s how you live, Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas! God Bless!

Ray Hach


Peninsula Library Programs, www.peninsulalibrary.org, 330-657-2291

Book Sale November December 2021

Stop in the Friends of the Library Book Sale room, during library hours and get the deal of the season! ALL items are buy one get one free, beginning November 1 through the end of the year. Don`t miss your chance on finding a great read!

Friends of the Library Bizarre Table
The Friends of the Library Bizarre Bazaar Table is set up for in person shopping. You name your price (unless we have it marked). Donations received go back to the library: The Friends will sponsor programs, they pay for the printing and mailing of the newsletter, library equipment/supplies, and they consider Library requests for items needed in the library.

Classic Movie Night - First Thursdays at 6:30PM
December 2: Christmas in Connecticut

Preschool Story Hour is on Mondays and Thursdays at 10:00AM in the Library Gazebo, weather permitting, otherwise we will be in the library.
Mondays - November 1, 8, 15
Thursdays -November 4, 11, 18

Take and Make Crafts for Children and Adults - Call the library to register for your kit.
Children`s and Adult DIY craft kits are back! The kits will be available on Monday, November 1 and December 6. Each Kit will contain all or most of the materials for the craft with instructions. We are not charging a fee, but donations towards children`s and adult programming are always accepted.

Letters to Santa November 27 to December 11 during library hours. Have you written your Letter to Santa yet? If not, stop by the Peninsula Library and get your letter in our Special Santa Express Mail.

A 60`s Vintage Rockin` Christmas
Thursday, December 9 at 6:30PM. A 60`s Vintage Rockin`
Christmas brings the nostalgia of those holiday songs and TV shows we remember as kids. You`ll enjoy some great music and TV clips from the great Christmas Specials and movies so sit back and relax into the Holidays. Please call the library to register, 330-657-2291.

"The D-Day Invasion at Normandy Beach-Operation Overlord to the Battle of the Bulge" presented by Dr. Gary Domanick
January 20th, 2022 @6:30PM to 8:00PM.
Along with our allies, our country made its largest and most complex invasion ever-through Operation Overlord, on the coast of France. Dr. Domanick will review the five beaches, what happened on them, and what took place after our troops moved inland. He will also discuss some of the Battle of the Bulge`s important events as well as having big maps, WW ll items and written questions with the answer key to share. Audience participation is encouraged! Please join us for this free program which is open to the public.


Please remember local author Lindsay Ward`s books when doing your holiday shopping. Recently released books include Between the Lines, Helping Hospital, and This Book Is For Coloring. She and husband, Frank Tupta, have quite a few very well written publications.

A Peninsula Mix thank you to road superintendent, Dave Krusinski, for donating candy and helping Valley Fire at the Township road garage location on Halloween. Special thanks to Rich Fisher from Fisher`s Café for handing out candy on Halloween. Rich was the only business on SR 303 that was participating. Halloween is a time when many adults, raised in our community, return with their children so that they are able to experience this small-town event.

On a personal note, I would like to thank the residents of Boston Township for their support as I begin my next term as Boston Township Trustee. In 1997, Marty Griffith and Max Ratner approached me asking if I would run for this office. It has been an honor and a privilege to serve in this capacity. I first served with John Puchalsky and Randy Bergdorf. We survived some difficult times as we sought an alternative source for police protection when Peninsula did not renew our contract. After much hard work by then Police Chief, Jimmy McCue, we were back with Peninsula six years later. During this time, John Puchalsky was grooming me to take over his position on Valley Fire District`s Board. John`s retirement brought on Jerry Ritch who advanced our JEDD with Cuyahoga Falls and the formation of a JEDD with Peninsula. I am honored to have been able to work with Jerry. Bill Clifton is now representing us on both JEDD boards and is working very hard to obtain water and sewer for the Akron-Cleveland Road area. I have known Randy forever and have worked with him in more capacities than I can count. He continues to represent zoning, the cemetery board, and building and grounds. We work as a trio. Our successes and our failures are done together.

We have seen many changes during this period, most having to do with finances. Our struggles are community wide due to 87% of our property being owned by the Cuyahoga Valley National Park. Roughly 5% more is also tax exempt.

As I close for the year, I would like to challenge all of you living in this community. As part of a homework assignment, my grand-daughter, Julia, was given the following assignment from the ever-wonderful Mrs. V. at Woodridge Elementary School. The assignment was Six Pillars: Character Traits of Everyday Heroes. The class was to list someone they knew that exemplified these character traits. Two of the six were Trustworthy Heroes: Tells the truth, have the courage to do what is right, are loyal to friends and family and keep promises. Also, Good Citizen Heroes: Are good neighbors, pursue the common good, are volunteers in the community, play by the rules, observe laws, vote, get involved in issues they care about. Julia wrote her hero is Grandma. I can only hope she always sees me this way.

In a small community we all have to do our part to make sure we survive. We must all work together. We must all live by these character traits. There is no room for complacency.

Thank you again for allowing me to represent you.

Amy Anderson


Whether we have children in the public schools or not we all pay to support these schools and have a vested interest in making sure our school system is well run and providing a safe and stimulating learning environment for all students. As they have done in past elections, the nonpartisan League of Women Voters (vote411.org) in cooperation with the Beacon Journal put together a guide to provide voters with information about each candidate. Of course, that requires that candidates be willing to answer their questions. In the Woodridge School Board race, only two of the six candidates completely answered the questions posed and three did not answer at all. They were asked three simple questions. Why are you the best candidate for the office? What ideas do you have for ensuring safety in your school district? What is your position on the school`s role in addressing diversity, equity and inclusion? Only five of the six candidates appeared at the candidate forum held by 330toGo. I`m left wondering why folks who choose to run for a seat on the school board in a contested race would not want voters to know who they are or what they think is right for our schools.

Barbara Kaplan


Saturday, December 4, 2021
10:00AM to 3:00PM
Boston Township Hall
1775 Main Street
Peninsula, OH 44264
Please contact Amy Anderson at 330-687 9498 for further information.



Valley Fire will continue to supply two smoke/CO detectors per residence. Please call 330-657-2292 or email at VFDfireprevention@gmail.com.


Valley Fire District Board of Trustees appreciate the strong community support shown in the passage of our capital levy.

Amy Anderson, Dan Schneider, and Richard Slocum


Mark and Rhonda Day recently launched a new business. Indigo Lake Sauce Company is giving backyard BBQ enthusiasts a savory way to complement their grilled food while contributing to a powerful cause – The Alzheimer`s Association.

In addition to crafting mouth-watering and flavorful sauces, Indigo Lake hopes to develop a greater awareness and increase support in fighting back against Alzheimer`s Disease. Each bottle sold contributes to the cause.

Fans of BBQ food in all its forms can find out more about Indigo Lake Sauce Company`s sauces and seasonings on the company`s website www.IndigoLakeSauce.com where recipe ideas and the latest BBQ sauce news is also waiting. We can`t wait to make your BBQ better.


a. The tree, from Heritage Farms, will be lit on the Bronson Green at 6:00PM. Music will be provided by the Woodridge High School Rhapsody Singers and select singers from Kent Roosevelt High School. They will then move into the Bronson church for a program of Christmas and holiday music.
b. Then explore the streets, illuminated by luminaries, as you visit the following shops which will be open for the evening: Peninsula Art Academy, Trail Mix, Purplebrown Farm Store, Crooked Kettle Popcorn Shop, Pedago Electric Bikes, and Century Cycles. The choirs will also be caroling as they walk around the Village. Keep an eye out for front doors which might be decorated for the Peninsula Door Decorating Contest.
c. The Peninsula Foundation will be hosting "Handcrafted for the Holidays" from 5:00PM to 8:00PM in the Historic building located at 1685 Main Street (formerly, Yellow Creek Trading Company). This unique shopping experience will include local purveyors of food, craft, and art with one of a kind hand-crafted items. Other shopping opportunities will take place on Saturdays, December 4 and 11, from 10:00AM to 5:00PM and Sundays, December 5 and 12 from Noon to 5:00PM.
d. The Peninsula Library will be showing the movie, "Christmas in Connecticut" at 6:30PM. Also, at the library, see the 16th annual Mini Tree Display and purchase raffle tickets for the tree of your choice. (Tickets are $3 each and five for $10) The drawing will be held on December 20. (Masks required please.)

A wonderful opportunity to see the Historic Boston Township Hall when the Boston Township Trustees host the Community Christmas Bazaar which will run from 10:00AM to 3:00PM An excellent bazaar to pick up gift items which include handmade, repurposed and vintage items along with baked goods and warm beverages.

Live reindeer will be behind the Bronson Church from 11:30AM to 2:30PM. Join in the reindeer fun by purchasing Rudolph antlers for $3. Additionally, there will be a sing-a-long in front of the Bronson church at Noon and 1:30PM. Costumed characters will also be present.


To the Editors:

As a new business in the heart of the Village, we would like to say hello to our community, and say thank you to all of our kind new neighbors for such a warm welcome. We offer only the best of local & organic foods-- fresh produce, milk & eggs, meat & pantry items, along with snacks & beverages. We are open Thursday -- Sunday, 9:30AM–7PM. All are welcome to stop by to say hello, see what we`re all about. We hope to become an integral part of what makes this historic Village so wonderful. And we look forward to helping nourish our wonderful community for years to come. Sasha & Jimmy Miller, proprietors.

Sasha & Jimmy Miller, proprietors


Please join CVSR on December 19 at 6:30PM at the North Pole (aka Mill Street) to celebrate the late John Lahoski. This is the last day of the Christmas train the North Pole Adventure. John Lahoski was the driving force behind the creation of the North Pole. Since John`s passing hundreds of thousands of riders have experienced the magic of the North Pole and will continue to do so for years to come. Please help us make December 19 the most attended North Pole to date.


Mary J. Ensign, 95 of Boston Township passed away on September 21, 2021. Mary was born in Monroeville, Ohio on December 26, 1925 to the late Adolph and Mae Walter. She was a graduate of Cleveland East High School class of 1944. Mary worked hard at keeping her family together, loved her grandchildren and animals. Preceded in death by her husband Raymond Ensign and parents. She is survived by her children Patrick (Patty) Ensign, Jeffrey Ensign, Scott Ensign, Shawn (Connie) Ensign and Jackie (Jim) McCue; grandchildren Gretchen, Matthew, Daniel, Tashina, Crystal, Jacob, and Lacey; and 15 great grandchildren.

Condolences to Jennifer Tutin Smith on the passing of her husband Christopher. Jennifer and Christopher have three children; Carson, Baylor, and Ramsey.

Condolences to Dale and Julie Brooks. Julie`s Dad, Jerome Marous, passed away October 25. He was 92 years old.

Former Township resident Michael Anderson passed away October 22, 2021. Preceded in death by his parents, Jim and Margaret, Michael is survived by his wife Jean, son Derek, brothers, Jim and Doug, and sister, Susan.


All are cordially invited and welcome to the Advent/Christmas services at Mother of Sorrows Church, Peninsula (COVID-19 protocols observed). On the weekend of November 27-28, Masses are 5:00PM on Saturday, November 27, and on Sunday, November 28, at 8:30AM and 11:00AM. Masses for all the weekends in December will follow the same schedule: 5:00PM on Saturdays, Sundays at 8:30AM and 11:00AM.

This year the Feast of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary, patronal feast of the United States of America, will be celebrated on Wednesday, December 8, with Mass at 8:30AM and 5:00PM. The vigil Mass is on Tuesday, December 7, at 7:00PM.

The Sacrament of Reconciliation is at 4:00PM on Saturdays or any time by appointment (330-657-2631). The Advent Communal Penance service is Monday, December 20, at 7:00PM.

Christmas Masses, Christmas Eve, Friday, December 24, at 4:00PM, 6:00PM and the Mass during the Night at Midnight (12:00AM) and on Saturday, Christmas Day, at 8:30AM and 11:00AM.

Feast of the Holy Family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph, Masses on Sunday, December 26, at 8:30AM and 11:00AM. Masses for New Year`s, Solemnity of Mary, the Holy Mother of God are at 5:00PM on Friday, December 31, and on Saturday, January 1, at 8:30AM. Masses for the Feast of the Epiphany are Saturday, January 1, at 5:00PM and on Sunday, January 2, at 8:30AM and 11:00AM. Masses for the Baptism of the Lord are Saturday, January 8, at 5:00PM and Sunday, January 9, at 8:30AM and 11:00AM.

For Masses on YouTube, go to the website: motherofsorrowspeninsula.org or the link to our channel: Mother of Sorrows Peninsula Ohio.

May the blessings of this holy season be with you!

Father John D. Terzano


With Thanksgiving comes a time of remembering and sharing. We remember our roots as a nation. We remember family and individuals seeking a better life and freedom from oppression. A story repeated by each new wave of pilgrims. There were struggles, failures and successes. Today it is the same. The year 2021 is quickly closing and the New Year 2022 will soon dawn with hopes and dreams to become new memories. In between the old and the new, there is remembering of this past year and our part in it. In this remembering there is the sense to give back and share. May these thoughts be our guide as we are encouraged to assist the many in need. May our prayer this Thanksgiving be made with an awareness that the gifts of love of the Almighty are countless, and as we are filled with gratitude for such overwhelming kindness, our hearts are moved to share these gifts in loving service to every man, woman, and child.

You are invited to Thanksgiving Day Mass at Mother of Sorrows at 8:30AM and on YouTube.

Father John D. Terzano


From the Editors: Have you used any of these services? We are asking for your feedback in rating them from one to five with five being excellent.

ALEXANDER WATER: 330-923-0014.

FOR SALE: Handwoven cotton dish towels from local weaver Joanne Noragon. Towels are all cotton, machine wash and dry. Size 17x22", a variety of colors. Contact me: Everythingoldisnew2019@gmail.com. To see and order: cuponthebus.blogspot.com. Choose the towel tab. To visit my studio and browse my stock, email me for an appointment.

TREE TRIMMING: Tree trimming, storm clean-up, general clean-up. Call Tom the Tree Guy at 330-760-4105.

SONSHINE CLEANING SERVICE: Residential (including Apartments), Commercial, Offices, Floors, Walls, Windows, Bathrooms, etc. $10 off first cleaning and $10 off for every referral that uses us. Three hour minimum please. Please contact Claudia Norris at (440) 915-9957. Local references available.

LICENSED ELECTRICIAN- Peninsula resident. Great rates/Quick service. Call Steve at 330-310-1061. Ohio license #El22934.
YCN Rating 5 Star. Very good work, timely and good communications during the job.

COMPANION SERVICES: Are you a senior seeking senior companion services? Well, help is here. Call Kimberly for more details. 330-285-6962

REAL ESTATE SERVICES: Your hometown Real Estate agent, looking to buy or sell your home call us. Sylvia Tonhaeuser/ Robin Shrader Remax Trends 330-329-1851. No one knows Peninsula or Boston Township better.

PROJECT FEEDING KIDS: Find the best prices for every essential service, both residential and commercial while helping feed children in the community. We work with top brands, such as DirecTv, Dish, AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, gas, electric, and merchant services. Call Kelly at 330-203- 9713.

CARPET, RUG, UPHOLSTERY & TILE CLEANING: Citrus-based green cleaning system. Safe for children and pets. No residue and dries in a few hours. Offer 20% discount includes moving couch and chairs. Contact Sandy or Jim Sadens at 330-657-2113 CitrusGreenClean.com Email us at sadens.jim@gmail.com.
YCN reader rating of 5, multiple community comments.

NEED A HAND? CALL THE HANDYMAN! Bath resident, Joshua Kastelic 15+ years experience. Honest, Quality, On-Time 330-289-8181 thehandyman_can@rocketmail.com
YCN reader rating of 5, reporter has used this service multiple times.

PET SITTING IN YOUR HOME: For all your pet sitting needs, contact Precious Pets Sitting Service at 216-701-4181. Providing visits, midday walks, and overnight service since 1997. Rates start $15/day, insured/bonded, Veterinary Technician.

PHOTOGRAPHER: Your photographer neighbor. www.KelleyWeitzelPhotography.com For all photography needs.

CUSTOM PICTURE FRAMING: Award-winning custom picture framing since 1992, with framing consultations at your home or office, delivery and installation. Instruction with social media and marketing. Fine Art Services - Assisting artists, designers, corporate & residential clients in the selection, display and proper framing of art. 330-657-2228.
YCN reader rating of: 5 Star Rating! I have used Carolyn to frame, reframe, and repair all sorts of art for me and she does a professional job.
YCN reader rating of: 5 Star Rating! Wonderful work and very creative. Highly recommended.

SAWMILL SERVICE: From firewood to tree removal, all the way to decks, porches, & more. We do it all, give me a call! Wells Construction/S & S Sawmill, Seth, (330) 352-0210.
YCN reader rating of 5, reporter very pleased with services.

FOR SALE: End Tables and Coffee Tables. Eye-Catching, Locally Sourced Hardwoods. Handmade in Boston Township. Visit StudioJoe.us.

DOG TRAINING/SERVICES: Whether you need help training your dog or help getting your dog out while you`re away, call Tim Dent 4 Dogs, LLC (330) 212–1181 or email timdent4dogs@gmail.com. Reasonable rates.
YCN reader rating of 5.